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How much does it cost to make a fantasy sports app like Dream 11?

Dec 18 , 2019 Sachin Shukla

Fantasy sports apps are the category of gambling games where players can anchor genuine game players in their dream team. The performance of the dream team is based on the real-time performance of genuine players. Fantasy gaming apps have boosted up the mobile gambling game platform. It is a platform where sports fans can play their favorite games with their desirable teams for reward point which can be cashed afterward.

Characteristics’ of Fantasy sports app:

  • It is secure and legal to play.
  • Ghastly increasing fan base of fantasy gaming.
  • In the era of digitalization, every second person is using a fantasy sports app.
  • Not every addiction is bad. Fever of fantasy gaming is spreading like forest fire.

Emerging era Of Fantasy sports App in cricket:


With global digitalization, in the fantasy sports app, the most trending category is cricket with full enthusiasm. In a country like India where cricket is most popular and has a diehard fan base, the market size is gigantic of cricket fantasy sports apps.

Advantages of building a clone app of Dream11

Endless tournaments

There is a massive span for cricket fantasy sports apps as there are several cricket events like big bash, T20 league, ashes cup, Asian championship, IPL, world cup, etc occur which results from these apps never settling experience.

Finite contesting

There are limited fantasy sports apps on app stores that give healthy opportunities to grow your ideas with uniqueness and innovation to beat market competitions.

 Legal Authentication

 Many countries are implying a ban on betting as in respect of morals and values. However, fantasy sports apps like dream 11 and others are government authorized and are legally certified. These kind of apps requires user passion, knowledge and skills to play.

Let’s explore Dream 11

India’s most favored and trendsetting fantasy sports app is Dream 11 established in 2012 by Mr.Harsh Jain and Mr.Bhavit Sheth. They provide a platform for passionate sports fans to earn money by using there skills and knowledge of there favorite game in fantasy sports app. Users can create their dream team of live playing sports persons particular match and compete with the squad of opponent user on token points. Winner wins the prize and looser lose the token amount. Dream11 cater to various fantasy games like cricket, football, kabaddi, etc and earn fame which results in being official partners in various sports leagues and sports companies globally

Dream 11 app features


 Users can install app from app stores of all platforms and log in by filling details.

 Glance players performance

 while squaring up the dream team, users can go through players performance statistics to help in choosing their perfect team.


 In this section, users can get updates like offers, bonuses, reward points, etc.

 Join Events

Here users can join the preferred league match and squad up there dream team.

Choose Event

Users can enter in live match here before it begins.

 Create a Dream Squad

Users can team up there virtual dream team here based on limited positions and their credit scores.

Development cost for clone app of Dream 11

CodeXina Technologies possess highly professionals and experienced fantasy sports app developing team which coordinates with clients concerning business model. We support our clients in a dozen languages. Our experts and skilled professionals code innovative and unique fantasy sports App.

App platforms

 We develop cost-saving fantasy sports apps like Dream11 on the clients desirable codebase for like Android, iOS, or Windows.

 App Design

 We provide exclusive UX/UI designs in favour of serving unique user interface to attract users.

 App Size

 We recommend an effective and efficient fantasy sports app size to our clients as per future sight.

 App Developers

  We have an expert and experienced team of developers that work on professional-client satisfactory methods to understand clients’ requirements and support them by advance and innovative development for core solutions of their ideas.

Ordinarily, the developing cost of fantasy sports clone app like Dream 11 is approximately $15k – $80k according to application characteristics’. And we provide services within clients budget and given timeline.


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