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Know How AR Will Change the World of Digital Marketing in the Year 2020

Dec 16 , 2019 Dheeraj

Augmented reality (AR) is a new technology and currently doesnt have a lot of competition. Though, with digital marketing on the increase, it is appropriate more of a campaign strategy. Most of the Augmented Reality App development companies start flourishing AR; still, there is a gap between the visualization and the technology. The smartphones carry a great deal of the technology the companies need to understand how to connect it for digital marketing on the go.

According to statistics

  • The current value of the AR market stands at $3.5 billion.
  • By 2020, there should be 1 billion augmented reality users.
  • 70% of consumers believe AR can bring benefits.
  • AR revenues will surpass VR revenues by 2020.
  • 67% of media planners and buyers want AR/VR ads in digital marketing campaigns.
  • Augmented reality users fall into the 16-34 age group.


AR change the means of families playing together-

Parents think that today’s kids will only remain onscreen, they leave the real world behind. Now the parents are finding new ways to get their digital kids up and active. Parents try to get their kids between play spaces and push away the use of the traditional 2D screen. It is the most difficult challenge nowadays, how augmented reality development companies can develop effective experiences that include both the physical and digital interconnection flawlessly?

AR helps to change the mindset of the parents and the kids the way they think that mobile as an object, AR gives the action to the kids to play outside with its story driven and location-based games. Kids play their games with AR glasses that are possibly the next great leap in wearable’s.

AR Apps Replaces Customer Manuals with Actual-Time Instructions

AR is primarily used to create product manuals outdated. AR glasses will provide the best experience to the users as its programs enabled through the smartphones; it will be acquainted with objects or the video instructions. AR allows the hands-free experiences and real-time instructions with the user action.

AR Will Help Companies to witness Problems and Opportunities

AR which uses comprehensive virtual 3D models will transform the way and helps the companies to understand the desires and needs of the customers that will help them in improving their products and services and recognize new business models. If a business can find any kind of issues they can visualize the issues and fix it using the AR goggles. Companies can monitor and maintain complex systems easily.

Right to use just-in-time information, anytime, anywhere.

AR app development companies cater the right to the users to get the information at any place and at any time. It will give a chance to the people to experience their past time from any place with the help of the hardware devices or the other device. It is often used for educational or traveling experiences.

AR technology is having skills to add or remove the data that will change the perception of the people related to particular incidents and other essentials.


Augmented Reality game development services provide the best experience in gamification. AR goggles are highly technological that changes the way of playing games. Attracting new users to the business is not easy by introducing new games, businesses encourage the buyers to indulge their cutthroat instincts to face appointment.

Tracking of ROI:

AR helps digital marketers to track the ROI in a very effective way. They offer an actual time picture that how products are hiking in the market and shows their relevant analytics. It is the most effective way to track the initial expenses to the cash register.

AR is a profitable idea for digital marketing. It is mobile responsive and it can act as a link between all the other forms of media that are already used by digital marketers. It has the ability to track data and calculate the ROI makes it an indispensable tool. In the upcoming years, prepare yourself for a new variety of experiences that will deeply change the way of work that many of us do.


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